Milwaukee Bucks All Time Roster



C. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


P.F. Terry Cummings


S.F. Marques Johnson


S.G. Sidney Moncrief


P.G. Oscar Robertson

Milwaukee Bucks v Baltimore Bullets




C. Andrew Bogut


P.F. Vin Baker


S.F. Bob Dandridge


S.G. Ray Allen


P.G. Sam Cassell


S.G. Michael Redd


S.F. Glenn Robinson




At C I picked Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. No need to explain why as Lew Alcindor (who became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar after the first Buck’s ring) is definitely the best player that this franchise ever had, a case can even be made for him as the best center ever. Even for best player of All Time actually.

I picked Andrew Bogut as his back up. I do not like to pick young players for an All Time roster but honestly at the exception of Jabbar, no great center has ever played in that franchise. The only one who can be mention is Lanier but he was not the same player in his Milwaukee Bucks. That’s why I think that Andrew is already the second best center that the franchise ever had.



At PF I picked Terry Cummings. He had his best years, and by far, when he was in Milwaukee. He was a fantastic player at the time and the Bucks were a very entertaining team to watch thanks to their Cummings-Moncrief duo. Sadly for Terry he had a terrible knee injury at the beginning of the 90’s (he was a Spurs then) and never was the same player after that.

I picked Vin Baker as his back up. Amazing talent, he was the heart of the team in the mid 90’s. Like Terry he had a bad ending of career as during the lock out season he gained a lot of weight (just like Kemp) and also became an alcoholic during his Sonics days. He never reached the fantastic level that he was playing at during his Bucks days and his first season as a Sonics after that.




At SF I picked Marques Johnson. Johnson was a fantastic player at the end of the 70’s, beginning of the 80’s. The Johnson-Moncrief duo even led the Bucks to the Eastern Conference Finals twice in 1983 and 1984.


I picked Bob Dandridge as his back up. Bob was a part of the 70’s big three who won a ring in 71, the Jabbar-Oscar-Dandridge big three. I think that a case could be made for Dandridge as the starting SF but I eventually chose Marques over him because he was overall more talented.



At SG I picked Sidney Moncrief. Now it is true that Ray Ray could deserve to be the starter here but I honestly think that Sidney deserves it more. He was the best player of the team in the 80’s, at the time even if the Bucks did not win a ring they made the playoffs every year, and Sid is not only the second best scorer of the franchise (behind Jabbar) but he’s also one of the best defenders ever. That’s why there’s no doubt for me that he has to be starter in that roster.


I picked Ray Allen as his back up. He was the leader of the last great Bucks team that we have seen, I am talking of course of the 2001 one. When Ray led the Bucks to the ECF against Iverson’s Sixers. The Bucks were never the same after that year and Ray Ray was eventually traded to Milwaukee 1 year and a half after this season.




At PG I picked Oscar Robertson. Even if he was not as impressive as he was in his Royals years, Big O still had some amazing years in Milwaukee and he and Kareem led the Bucks to their first and only championship ever.

I picked Sam Cassell as his back up. Sam had some terrific years in Milwaukee. His big three with Big Dog and Ray was one of the most entertaining of the league at the time.


11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I picked Michael Redd and Glen Robinson. Michael Redd was an amazing shooter and he had his best years in Milwaukee. After Ray’s trade Michael became the first option of the team. The Bucks were never especially succesful during Redd’s reign, but Redd still had some amazing years in Milwaukee, he was All Star once and he is actually the fourth All Time Bucks scoring leader.


As everyone who watched Glenn Robinson play knows it, Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson knew only to do one thing : scoring. But he was amazing at it. His big three with Allen and Cassell led the team to a ECF in 2001.


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