Portland Trail Blazers All Time Roster



C. Bill Walton

P.F. Rasheed Wallace

S.F. Clyde Drexler

S.G. Jim Paxson

P.G. Terry Porter




C. Maurice Lucas

P.F. Sidney Wicks

S.F. Brandon Roy

S.G. Geoff Petrie

P.G. Damon Stoudamire

C. Arvydas Sabonis

P.F. Buck Williams



At center I picked Bill Walton. The first and only superstar to ever lead the Blazers to a ring. Due to injuries Bill’s career isn’t as great as it was supposed to be. But it’s definitely in Portland that we saw the real Bill Walton. One of the very best shooters and passers among all the centers that played in this league. And a very good defender. Bill has to be mentioned here.


As his back up I picked Maurice Lucas. Maurice was rather a PF, but there were already enough good PFs in the Blazers history like that, so as Lucas could play C I chose to pick him as the back up C. Very good inside player he was a very important part of the only Blazers team that ever won a ring (w as even the leading scorer actually). He didn’t stay long in Portlant but it’s defintely here that he had the best years of his career and it’s impossible not to name him on that roster.



At PF I picked Rasheed Wallace. Definitely the best talent that the Blazers ever had. As I said many times Sheed could have been the most talented PF ever and a top 10 players of All Time if he wanted to. But he did not want to… Sheed was just too much of a collective player. He never want to outclass his teammates, even in his Portland days. Looking at his stats won’t tell you what kind of player he really was. Especially that the teams he played with in Portland were all stacked, and with his collective mentallity it was just impossible for him to average better stats. The dude could do absolutely everything on a court. One of the most versatile players I ever saw. He could play SF, PF and C with the same ease. Sheed did not accomplish much as a leader, again first because he just did not want to be a leader.. But he still was very close to lead the Blazers to a ring in 2000, without the Lakers’ miracle he certainly would have. He has to be the starting PF.


As his back up I picked Sidney Wicks. One of the first great players the franchise ever had. Too bad for him that the Blazers sold him to Boston just before they won their only ring… And at the same time just after the Celtics won a ring. Then he left the Celtics to San Diego one year before they acquired Larry Bird. Talking about bad luck… Sad cause he would have definitely deserved a ring. It’s clearly with the Blazers that he had his best years anyhow. And he even holds the Blazers record for most rebounds in one game with 27.

(I could not find a video of Wicks in his Blazers days so I picked one of him in his UCLA days)



At SF I picked Clyde Drexler. Yeah Clyde was first of all a SG, it was his main position, but he definitely could play SF and did it several time during his career. Besides the lack of great true SFs (Kiki Vandeweghe, Uncle Cliffy (who could play SF, PF and C) and Jerome Kersey were all very good player and I agree that a case could be made for them in this roster, but I definitely think that all the other 12 players I picked just deserve more to be in that roster) in the Blazers history force me to use Clyde as a SF. Anyhow maybe not the most talented player of the Blazers history (he’s up there though) but still clearly the best player of that franchise. He is THE franchise player of the Blazers without a doubt. Michael Jordan and him changed the SG position forever. Just too bad for this gentleman that he was never able to lead his team to a ring.. He led the Blazers to the Finals twice, against the Pistons in 1990 and against the Bulls in 1992 but both time the Blazers were clearly outclassed by the Eastern team. And Clyde had to leave the Blazers to eventually win his first and only ring.


As his back up I ironically picked another SG. Again not enough great SFs so I prefered to pick four SGs. Anyway I picked Brandon Roy. He definitely can play SF, even if he’s a bit small, he has done it several times through his short career. He’s very versatile anyhow.. Roy is very young, and he has had many injury troubles, which forced him to retire once (before he decided to come back as a Wolve this year) but he deserves a spot on this list in my honest opinion. In his Blazers years he proved to be a fantastic player, great leader, cluch, he just can do everything on a basketball court.. Let’s just hope that he’ll be able to get rid of his injury troubles for good from now on.



At SG I picked Jim Paxson. John’s brother was a fantastic player in the early 80’s. The best player on the team before the emergence of Clyde. He was not the shooter that his brother was, but he was a much better scorer and player overall. Probably (sadly) the main reason why the Blazers didn’t pick Jordan. People always think that it’s because they had Clyde but Clyde didn’t have a great rookie season and Jim was clearly the best player on the team at the time and so they did not need another SG. It’s definitely in Portland that Jim had his best years, in fact at the time he was traded to Boston he left as the Blazers All Time leading scorer. Just impossible not to mention him in that roster.

(I could not find a video of Jim’s highlights so I picked this video of a commercial he made with his brother John)


As the back up SG I picked Geoff Petrie. Geoff did not play very long in Portland (he spent 6 full seasons there though), like Wicks he was traded right after the 76 season. To the Hawks. He never played in Atlanta, and actuallly never played in the NBA again after that 75-76 season though, cause he had to retire because of a bad knee injury at the age of 28. Geoff deserves nonetheless to be in that roster, cause he was the first star of the team, as a matter of fact he arrived in the NBA at the same time as the Blazers did, he was the first player drafted by this franchise in fact and played for that team rightaway. He was rookie of the year, two time All Star, and held the Blazers’ individual scoring record for one game with 51 points until Stoudamire broke that record with 54 points in 2005.

(I could not find a video of Geoff’s highlights so I picked this video about the Sacramento Kings first ever appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it was in the early 2000’s, at the time of that epic Kings team with Divac, Webber, Peja or J-Will, we can see Divac, Webber and Geoff Petrie talking about this event in this video ; yes cause in case you do not know it, Geoff is now the Kings’ President of Basketball Operations, this since 1994)



At PG I picked Terry Porter. Certainly the best PG of the history of the franchise, a fantastic shooter, he was the Blazers’ second best player (the best was Clyde of course) when they made their two NBA Finals in 90 and 92. And it’s definitely in Portland that he had the best years of his career.


As his back up I picked Damon Stoudamire. Mighty Mouse was a fantastic player, much better than his stats give him credit for. But like for Sheed he happened to play in stacked teams in his Blazers days. He was often criticized for his low FG% but he was nonetheless a great player, a true leader who was never afraid to take, and often to make, the last shot of the game.


11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I picked Arvydas Sabonis and Buck Williams. I could have picked many players like Brian Grant, Clifford Robinson, but in my opinion Grant didn’t stay long enough in Portland and had better days in Miami, and at the time Uncle Cliffy was at his best and the leader of Portland, the Blazers didn’t achieve anything.. So I picked Arvydas Sabonis cause, even if he was clearly past his prime when he arrived in Portland, and his body was totally broken by injuries, he nonetheless had an immediate impact on the Blazers. The team improved rightaway thanks to him. Thanks to his magic hands in fact, the only part of his body that wasn’t injured. This dude had the best hands for an inside player in the history of the game. Fantastic shooter, passer and ball handler, it’s just too bad that he didn’t arrive earlier in the big league cause I am sure that with him at his best and Clyde as leaders, the Blazers would have won at least a couple of rings. And he could even have been the best center ever. So even if he never was at his best in his NBA days he definitely has his place on his roster nonetheless.


As for Buck Williams he was the most important player (with Terry and Clyde) of the Blazers team that made the Finals twice in 90 and 92, certainly the best defender of the team. Even if he wasn’t as good as in his Nets days, he deserves to be on that roster.


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