Memphis Grizzlies All Time Roster



C. Pau Gasol

P.F. Zach Randolph

S.F. Rudy Gay

S.G. Mike Miller

P.G. Jason Williams




C. Marc Gasol

P.F. Shareef Abdur-Rahim

S.F. Shane Battier

S.G. O.J. Mayo

P.G. Mike Bibby

C. Bryant Reeves

S.G. Bonzi Wells





At center I chose Pau Gasol. He is so far the best player and leader that this young franchise ever had.


His back up has to be Marc Gasol. Pau’s brother who is right now one of the best centers in the league and one of the main reasons why the team is playing so well.





I picked Zach Randolph at P.F. Zach had a tough season last year, due to injury problems, but it is still as a Grizzlie that he had the best year of his career, the year before. He was huge that year, he became the second All Star that this franchise ever had (the other being Pau Gasol) and he led the Grizzlies to their fourth playoffs appearance ever. And he was literally unbelievable in the playoffs, especially in the first round against the Duncan’s Spurs. It is first thanks to him that the Grizzlies not only won their first playoffs game ever, but their first playoffs series ever, this against the number 1 seed in the West, the San Antonio Spurs. Let’s hope he will be back at this great level next year.


As his back up I chose Shareef Abdur-Rahim, the first star that this franchise ever had, during the Vancouver days. The least we can say is that the team was not very good with Shareef as the leader, they did not make the playoffs and never achieved anything, but Shareef was still a very good forward.





At SF I picked Rudy Gay, he is among the three best players who played with this franchise (with Randolph and Pau).


As his back up I picked Shane Battier, he is one of the players who played the longest as a Grizzlies. Amazing defender, he was also a very important part of the team when they made the playoffs three years in a row, during the Gasol days.

(I could not find a video of Battier’s highlights as a Grizzly so I picked this video of the last seconds of the 2011 Spurs-Grizzlies game 1, Battier gave the victory to his team thanks to a clutch 3 pointers and he tapped the ball after Hill’s missed shot to allow his team to gain possession ; it was the Grizzlies first playoffs win ever)





I chose Mike Miller as the starting SG. He had his best years with Memphis and was also a very important part of the team during the Pau Gasol’s days.


His back up has to be O.J. Mayo who is not a Grizzlies any more, but had four very good years in Memphis and was a very valuable piece of the team.





I picked Jason Williams at PG. Williams was the starting PG of the team when, (again) led by Gasol, they made the playoffs three years in a row, and, as good as he was in Sacramento, it’s still in Memphis that White Chocolate had the best years of his career. He was maybe not as spectacular as he was in his Kings days but he was calmer and definitely a more efficient PG overall.


I picked Mike Bibby as his back up. Mike started his NBA career as a Grizzlie, as Shareef ‘s sidekick. Bibby was not yet the player that he became later with the Kings (the Bibby-Williams trade was definitely good for both players) but he was already a very good PG nonetheless. I think that he is still to this day the second best PG this team ever had.



11th & 12th SPOTS :


For the last two spots I chose « Big Country » and Bonzi. Maybe most people do not remember about Bryant Reeves but he really was quite a good center. Too bad he had to retire early due to a bad injury.


And Bonzi Wells did not play long in Memphis (only two years, I usually do not like to mention players who spent less than three years with a franchise but the Grizzlies are very young, they are only 17 years old) but he was also an important part at the time when the Grizzlies made the playoffs three years in a row (the first two years).

(I could not find a video of Bonzi’s highlights so I picked this video of him hitting a clutch 3 pointers during his Kings days)


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