Toronto Raptors All Time Roster



C. Antonio Davis

P.F. Chris Bosh

S.F. Morris Peterson

S.G. Vince Carter

P.G. Damon Stoudamire




C. Andrea Bargnani

P.F. Charles Oakley

S.F. Doug Christie

S.G. DeMar Derozan

P.G. Jose Calderon

P.G. Alvin Williams

S.G. Anthony Parker



At C I picked Antonio Davis. Antonio was rather a PF but he played C during his entire Raptors days. And it’s definitely in Toronto that he had the best years of his career. As a matter of fact he was finally rid of the other Davis, Dale, who he was backing up in Indianapolis, and it’s as the center of Toronto that Antonio finally had the opportunity to show what he could do as a starter. And it was quite a success. He was even All Star in 2001. Now to be fair it’s true that there weren’t many great centers in the East at that time, and Mourning was in fact voted by the fans to be in the starting lineup but Zo couldn’t play due to his illness. And the only quality center left was Dikembe Mutombo. So Stern picked Davis to replace Zo. But he still denitely deserved it nonetheless. Besides Larry Brown even decided to make him start over Deke.


As his back up I picked Andrea Bargnani. Not a true C either, as he’s rather a PF, or even a SF actually as he spends more of his time outside of the paint on the offensive end. But the Raptors never had a true good C. And Andrea’s been playing this position most of his NBA career anyhow.



At PF it’s obviously Chris Bosh. Certainly the second best player the team ever had. He was the leader of the team since Carter’s departure, this until he decided to leave for Miami last summer. He never was the leader that the team expected but still had some terrific years in Toronto. Definitely one of the most talented PF in the league today.


I picked Charles Oakley as his back up. Oak was past his prime in his Toronto days, but he still deserved more than any other inside player (except Bosh, Bargs and Davis so) to be on that roster without a doubt.



I picked Morris Peterson as the starting SF. Not the best SF ever for sure but his arrival in Toronto allowed the team to have a quality wing player to play alongside Vince. He had some very good years in Toronto, definitely the best of his career and by far, as he’s been quite disappointing since.


I picked Doug Christie as his back up. Doug was rather a SG but could play SF and no other SF that played in that team really deserves to be in that roster. Doug was quite disappointing in his first years in the league in Los Angeles and New York and it’s in Toronto that he started to reach his potential. And when he joined Sacramento he eventually played at the level expected… Anyway he was already very good Toronto, and his duo with Vince Carter (with T Mac as their back up) allowed the Raptors to have their first playoffs ever in 2000.

(I could not find a video of Christie’s highlights as a Raptor, so I picked this video of two Raptors commercials instead, we can see Doug in the first commercial)



At SG I picked Vince Carter. At first Vince Carter played SF in Toronto. When Christie was the starting SG and T Mac the back up SG. But he started to play more and more SG when Doug and McGrady left, and Peterson arrived. And it’s as a SG that Carter had the best year of his career, when he led the Raptors to the EC semis against Iverson’s Sixers. Anyway Vince never was the leader that the Raptors expected him to be but it’s still in Toronto that Vince had the best years of his career, he was a fan favorite and the most spectacular player of the league at the time. It’s just too bad for him that he will be more remembered as a top ten or All Star game player than a real leader… But it’s still more than enough to start in this roster.


As his back up I picked DeMar Derozan. He’s a very young player and has not achieved much yet but he’s the current leader of the team and seems to have a very bright future. It is enough to put him in that roster in my opinion. McGrady could eventually be mentioned as well, but honestly he just did not play enough in Toronto and was not yet the player that he later became in Orlando.



I picked Damon Stoudamire as the starting PG. The first star of the team. He never led them to the playoffs or anything but had the greatest stats of his career there, surrounded by scrubs and role players. He was supposed to become the new Isiah Thomas at the time. He did not and was eventually traded to Portland (and had quite a very good career there) but is definitely the best PG that the team ever had.


His back up has to be Jose Calderon. Jose has been a bit disappointing in his NBA career but he’s still very talented and the second best PG that this team ever had.


11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I picked Alvin Williams and Anthony Parker. In his beginnings in the league, in Portland, Alvin Williams was one of the most versatile players (played SF, SG and PG) and seemed to have a bright future ahead of him. As soon as he arrived in Toronto Alvin became the starting PG and, even if he never was All Star or anyhing, had quite a nice career as a Raptor. He was even a part of the best Raptors year ever to this day, in 2001 when the Raptors had their best chance to make the Finals, and again, were beaten by Iverson’s Sixers in 7 games. Alvin had a nice career until a bad injury forced him to put an end to his career. He eventually tried to come back later but did not succeed.


Anthony Parker was a major star in Europe, was even considered as the best Euroleague player (with Jasikevicius) for several years. When he joined the NBA, and the Raptors, he was already past his prime and had to change his game to adapt to the new league but he succeeded nonetheless and had quite a nice career. He had a very good impact on the Raptors. Very good defender and solid player overall, he allowed them to become immediately better and make the playoffs for the first time since the Vince Carter days.


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