New Orleans Hornets All Time Roster


C. Alonzo Mourning

P.F. Larry Johnson

S.F. Glen Rice

S.G. Dell Curry

P.G. Chris Paul



C. P.J. Brown

P.F. David West

S.F. Anthony Mason

S.G. David Wesley

P.G. Baron Davis

P.G. Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues

S.F. Jamal Mashburn


At center I picked Alonzo Mourning, it’s true that he only played three seasons as a Hornet but he’s definitely the best center that the franchise ever had. No doubt about that. And before the arrival of the duo Johnson-Mourning, the Hornets were nothing at all. He has to be mentioned here.

As his back up I chose P.J. Brown, who was a PF/C, he played C during his last years in New Orleans. It’s as a Hornet that P.J. had his best NBA years. Some other players like Campbell, Divac or Magloire could have been mentioned but Divac only played two year in Charlotte (and unless a player had a truly amazing impact on a team I think that three years is a minimum to be mentioned in an All Time team), and for me Brown was more important than Magloire or Campbell, despite the fact that Magloire is the only one of the three who went to the All Star, P.J.’s impact was more than just his stats, he was a fantastic defender, the heart of the team.


At PF I picked Larry Johnson of course, maybe the best player that ever played in that franchise, but unfortunately a terrible back injury in his third season kept him from having the career that he was supposed to have. During his first two years “Grandmama” was a fantastic athlete, great dunker, and after his injury he had to change his game but still managed to remain a great player. Then he got traded to New York, he was still a very important part of the team there but never got back to the player that he was in Charlotte.. And eventually had to retire because of his injuries. Too bad.

As his back up I picked David West, certainly the second best PF of the franchise and was twice All Star in his Hornets days.


At SF it’s Glen Rice of course, he only played three years in Charlotte but these three years are definitely the best years of his career. An amazing scorer and shooter he was All Star every year at that time and was even All Star MVP in 97, one of the best All Star games I’ve seen by the way. He broke two records in that game : he scored 20 points in the third quarter and 24 in the second half. Rice’s 20 pts in the period broke Hal Greer’s record (19 pts), set in 1968, and his 24 in a half surpassed the previous mark of 23 owned by Wilt Chamberlain and Tom Chambers (for the record Michael Jordan broke a record too in that game, he became the only player to ever make a triple double in a All Star game with 14 pts, 11 rbds and 11 asts, amazing game).

As his back up I chose Anthony “Mase” Mason, he only played three years in Charlotte (like Mourning), but it’s as a Hornet that he had the best years of his career, even if it’s as a Heat that he was All Star. He was just amazing as the Point Forward of the team at the time, he had to be mentioned in the roster for sure.


At SG I chose Dell Curry, certainly the player who played the longest in that franchise, as a matter of fact he was a Hornet for 10 years. Stephon’s father was actually a Hornet in the first year of the franchise, and always was a key player (amazing shooter) of the team, it’s impossible not to mention him here.

As his back up I picked David Wesley, great small SG, he had his best years as a Hornets too, his duo first with Rice then and especially with Baron was very entertaining to watch and allowed the team to go to the playoffs six times.


At PG it is of course Chris Paul he is already certainly the best player that the franchise ever had.

As his back up I picked Baron Davis, the leader of the team between 2001 and his trade to Golden State in 2005. He led the team to the playoffs three times in a row.

11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spot I picked Muggsy Bogues and Monster Mash. Tyrone Bogues was the first true star of the team, mainly because he is the shortest player to ever play in the league. But he was definitely a very good PG, the big three he formed with Johnson and Mourning was one of the most spectacular to watch. At the time the Hornets were very popular, this because of their style of play, of Bogues’ shortness, and of the logo.

And Jamal Mashburn was a key player during the first part of the 2000’s, until he had to retire because of injuries.


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