Indiana Pacers All Time Roster


C. Mel Daniels

P.F. George McGinnis

S.F. Roger Brown

S.G. Reggie Miller

P.G. Mark Jackson


C. Rik Smits

P.F. Jermaine O’Neal

S.F. Chuck Person

S.G. Jalen Rose

P.G. Freddie Lewis

P.F. Dale Davis

S.F. Detlef Schrempf


At C I picked Mel Daniels, one of the very best centers of the ABA, he won three rings with the Pacers in their ABA years.

Rik Smits has to be the back up C, he had a great career and was a key player of the team who went three times in the ECF in the 90’s and went to the finals in 2000.


At PF I picked George McGinnis. George won two rings with Indiana in the ABA years, during the 70’s, he was even the leader of the last Pacers team that won a ring in 1973. George was a fantastic player, he could do almost everything on a court of basketball : great scorer, passer, rebounder, stealer, etc.. Some people even call him the LeBron James of the 70’s.

I picked Jermaine O’Neal as his back up. In his early days in Portland Jermaine was considered a bust and barely even played, but as soon as he arrived in Indiana and had a true chance to show what he could do he immediately became one of the best players of the league and the leader of the team.


At SF I picked Roger Brown. He was a part of the three Pacers team who won a ring in the ABA years. Very good passer, rebounder and scorer, this versatile SF was even the by far the best scorer of the team in the 1970 championship run, and in the playoffs in the 1972 one.

I picked Chuck Person as his back up. Chuck is one of the best shooters ever, his duo with Reggie was one of the best in the league at the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s.


At SG I obviously picked Reggie Miller. Certainly the best player to ever play in the Pacers franchise. He never won a ring in Indiana but, even if some of the Pacers teams he played with were very good, he still never had a true legit second option at his side. He still led the Pacers to the ECF in 1998 and to the Finals in 2000. His Pacers even forced the Bulls to a game 7 in 1998, one of the only two teams (the other being the Knicks in 1992) to force the Bulls to a game 7 since the Jordan’s Bull’s first title in 1991.

I picked Jalen Rose as his back up. Jalen Rose was a key player of the Pacers when they forced the Bulls to a game 7 in 98, and when they went to the finals against the Lakers in 2000. He was even the second best player of the team when they went to the finals in 2000. He never had the career he was supposed to have when the Nuggets drafted him, but he still had a very good career, and he definitely played his best basketball with Indiana. By the way Jalen’s primary position was SF in his Pacers years but he could play at SG and even PG as efficiently. He was actually a PG when he entered the league in his Nuggets years.


At PG I picked Mark Jackson. Mark is one of the best passers of the history of the game and the least we can say is that he was absolutely perfect for these Pacers teams.

I picked Freddie Lewis as his back up. Most people have probably never heard of him but Freddie was a very good PG in the 70’s, he was a multiple All Star and a part of the « big three » that won a ring in 70 (with Daniels and Brown) and the « big four » that won two rings in 72 and 73 (with Daniels, McGinnis and Brown).

11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I picked Dale Davis and Detlef Schrempf. Dale Davis was the heart of the team in the 90’s, he was doing all the dirty works.

Detlef Schrempf was with Reggie and Chuck Person the best player of the team in the late 80’s-early 90’s. Detlef played more often at PF in his Indiana years but I still mention him as a SF cause it was his primary position nonetheless. He was one time All Star in Indianapolis.

Other players could have be mentioned in this roster, like Antonio Davis or Ron Artest. But as important as he was for the team in the 90’s, Antonio was still a bench player, Dale’s back up, it’s truly in Toronto that he became a better player.
And I am sure that many people will complain that Ron should be in that roster. Well it is true that it is with the Pacers that he had his best years, he was clearly the second best player of the team at the time (Miller was out of his prime), he was very good defensively AND offensively at the time and let’s not forget that he almost became the fifth player to ever average a quadruple double, as a matter of fact he registered 24 points, nine assists, nine rebounds, and eight steals vs. Miami. So I could agree that he deserves to be mentioned here, but I honestly cannot put him in that roster, because of the Brawl in the Palace. This season the Pacers had a great chance to make the Finals but because of Artest’s.. stupidity (no other word sorry) the Pacers had no chance to accomplish anything that year and.. the following years as they were FORCED to trade him after that. So I just cannot put him in that roster. I know I still put O’Neal despite the fact that he was a part of that same brawl but it’s still not the same. Artest started the whole thing.


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