Charlotte Bobcats All Time Roster


C. Emeka Okafor

P.F. Boris Diaw

S.F. Gerald Wallace

S.G. Stephen Jackson

P.G. Raymond Felton


C. Tyson Chandler

P.F. Tyrus Thomas

S.F. Jason Richardson

S.G. Gerald Henderson

P.G. D.J. Augustin

P.G. Brevin Knight

S.G. Raja Bell


This franchise has basically no history, so it was pretty easy to make. I just decided to put the main players of the roster of the 2009/2010 season (since it’s the best of this franchise’s history, the only time they made the playoffs) and add the best players from the preceeding seasons who are Okafor, Richardson, Bell and Knight.

I kept Henderson in this roster despite the fact that he was not a very important part of the team at the time, that’s because he is now currently the best player of the team.

Also I wanted to precise that even if J-Rich played for most of his career at 2, he definitely could play SF which is why I put him at 3.








11th & 12th SPOTS :

  (I was not able to find a video of Knight’s highlights, which I do not understand why as he was quite a good PG ; so I picked this song instead)


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