Brooklyn Nets All Time Roster


C. Derrick Coleman

P.F. Buck Williams

S.F. Julius Erving

S.G. Vince Carter

P.G. Jason Kidd


C. Billy Paultz

P.F. Kenyon Martin

S.F. Rick Barry

S.G. Drazen Petrovic

P.G. Kenny Anderson

S.F. Richard Jefferson

S.G. Michael Ray Richardson


At center I chose Derrick Coleman. DC was rather a PF but he definitely could play C. He did it several time through his career. Now it’s important to know that Derrick will always be remembered as a disappointment because he’s certainly one of the most talented PFs ever, he could have been among the very best PFs of all time like Malone, Barkley, Duncan or Dirk, but let’s just say that his work ethic was doubtful and that he always seemed to care more about his wallet than anything else… Which is really sad considering his talent. He was still a phenomenal player and it’s in New Jersey that he had the best years of his career. The big three Coleman-Anderson-Petrovic was just amazing. It’s just too bad this big three never had a chance to reach his potential because of Drazen’s terrible accident in the summer of 1993.

As his back up I chose Billy Paultz. Billy was the Nets center during the first part of the seventies and won a ring with Julius Erving in 1974. Billy was a very talented center, he was one of the best big men of the ABA at the time and was All Star twice in his New York Nets days.

(We only see Paultz in his Rockets days in that video (81 Finals) I was unable to find a video of his highlights as a Net)


At PF I chose Buck Williams. He had his best years as a Net, he was a true star at the time and definitely had the best years of his career in New Jersey. Then he was traded to Portland and made two finals with the Blazers.

As his back up I picked Kenyon Martin. K-Mart’s a member of the team who made two finals, the only finals that the franchise made in the NBA, and he had his best years in New Jersey, he was even All Star. In Denver he never played at the same level that he was playing at in New Jersey.


At SF it has to be Julius Erving of course. Dr J only played 3 years in New York but those three years are the best years of his career. As a matter of fact he was MVP every year in his Nets days, and he won two rings in three seasons, the only rings that this franchise ever won. He’s clearly the best player that the Nets ever had.

As his back up I picked Rick Barry. I usually do not like to pick players that played less than three years with the franchise for an All Time Roster unless the players had a huge impact on the team. And it’s exactly the case for Barry. He’s the first superstar that the Nets franchise had. The team got immediately better thanks to his arrival, as a matter of fact he allowed the Nets to have their first season ever above 50% of victory and he led them to their first Finals ever, in their ABA days.


At SG I I picked Vince Carter. The Nets weren’t as successful with Carter as they were with Martin, that’s true, and through his career Carter never became the leader that he was supposed to be but he was still a very important part of the team, and the Nets had some wonderful years with the Kidd-Carter-Jefferson Big Three.


I picked Drazen Petrovic as his back up. There is no doubt in my mind that without his terrible accident Drazen would be now considered as the best SG that this team ever had, and he would be the starting SG in my roster, instead of Carter. As I said it before the Nets seemed to have a bright future with their Big Three Petrovic-Coleman-Anderson. Until Drazen Petrovic’s death, a terrible car accident in Germany in 1993. Basketball had lost one of his greatest talents ever. For example Drazen even scored 112 points (40/60 FG) in one game once, it wasn’t in the NBA, he was still in Europe at the time but it still is completely amazing. A true winner, this man could have become one of the best basketball players ever. Drazen just had had two great years with the Nets when this tragedy occured. He was on his way to stardom.. Yes it is very sad.


At PG it has to be Jason Kidd of course. As Shaq said in 2002, “the real 2002 MVP” (no disrespect to Duncan, he deserved it as well, but Kidd literally changed the Nets all by himself that year). No need to explain why, Kidd is one of the very best PGs ever, arguably the best defensive PG ever. As I already said he basically changed the Nets all by himself as soon as he arrived in the team. As a matter of fact he made their win 26 wins more in his first year in New Jersey and led them to their first Finals of their NBA days (with basically the same team Marbury had the year before..) which was a huge surprise at the time. He did not win a ring in his Nets days but thanks to him the Nets made two NBA Finals, this with a team that clearly lacked of talent and depth (especially inside) which makes it even more amazing.


I chose Kenny Anderson as his back up. Again the Petrovic-Coleman-Anderson Big Three was the best thing that happened to the Nets in the 90’s, and it’s in New Jersey that this very talented PG had his best years. Like Coleman Kenny never became the PG that he was supposed to be and was just a disappointment after his New Jersey years.

11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I picked Richard Jefferson and Michael Ray Richardson. Richard Jefferson had his best years as a Nets, he never reached the level at which he played in New Jersey after that in both Milwaukee and San Antonio. He was a member of the Big Three Kidd-Martin Jefferson that led the team to two finals, best performance that the team ever had in its NBA days. One of the most spectacular Big Threes ever.


Michael Ray Richardson was an outstanding player. In his second season, as a Knick, Sugar became the first player to ever lead the NBA in both steals and assists. His Knicks years are the best of his career but he was fantastic in New Jersey nonetheless. As a matter of fact he allowed the Nets to accomplish one of their greatest performances ever. In 1984 he led New Jersey to an unbelievable upset of the Philadelphia Sixers in the first round of the playoffs. It’s very important to note that the Sixers were the defending champion at the time ! He scored 24 pts and had six steals in the fifth and last game of the series. He was sadly banned for life after violating the NBA’s drug policy (three times) two years later. He was eventually allowed to get back in the NBA in 1988 but failed to come back.

2 Responses to “Brooklyn Nets All Time Roster”
  1. Joham Cherisme says:

    What about Kerry Kittles?

    • pataloysius says:

      I like Kerry Kittles a lot but, even if he had a decent career, he never reached the level he was suppose to have. Mainly because of injuries. And he honestly cannot be mentioned over the guards I picked for this team in my opinion.

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