Utah Jazz All Time Roster


 C. Mark Eaton

P.F. Karl Malone

S.F. Adrian Dantley

S.G. Pete Maravich

P.G. John Stockton


 C. Thurl Bailey

P.F. Carlos Boozer

S.F. Andreï Kirilenko

S.G. Darrell Griffith

P.G. Deron Williams

S.G. Jeff Hornacek

P.G. Ricky Green



At center I picked Mark Eaton. Mark was not a superstar but he was a still a great defensive center, and clearly better than every other Jazz C, despite the fact that he was not very good offensively.


As his back up I eventually picked Thurl Bailey. Thurl was not a pure center but he could play SF, PF and C and was one of the best players of the team in the 80’s. A case could eventually be made for Mehmet Okur here but I think that Thurl was just a better player overall.



At PF it’s obviously Karl Malone. The Mailman is not only the best Jazz power forward ever but a case could even be made for him as the best PF in the history of the game. Although I personally would put Duncan over him and arguably Dirk Nowitzki.. Anyway Malone definitely has to start here.


As his back up I picked Carlos Boozer. It’s in Utah that Boozer showed us that he had the potential to be a true NBA star. Before that in Cleveland he was a good player but not more than that. And he definitely had the best years of his career in Salt Lake City. The team did not accomplish much during his days but he still is clearly the second best PF that the Jazz ever had.



The starting SF is definitely Adrian Dantley. Adrian is a very underrated player. He is definitely one of the best SFs ever. It’s in Salt Lake City that Dantley had the best years of his career (he didn’t play long enough with other teams) and he was the leader of the team before the arrival of Malone and Stockton. It’s too bad that he was traded to Detroit before Malone and Stockton reached their prime. Cause this big three would have been very exciting to watch and, who knows, maybe the three players would have won a ring.. Dantley is certainly one of the unluckiest players ever as he also was traded from Detroit to Dallas the year the Pistons won their first ring and, earlier in his career, he left LA to Utah one year before the Lakers won their first ring of the 80’s, in 1980.


As his back up I picked Andreï Kirilenko. AK47 has had a lot of problems lately (injury, nervous breakdown) but he is clearly a phenomenal player, one of the very best defenders in the league. He can do everything defensively and was the anchor of the Jazz D during the last days of the Malone-Stockton duo and the beginning of the Boozer-Williams one. I hope that he’s going to be back at his true level cause it would be a shame to see such a talented player waste his career that way.



The starting SG is obviously Pete Maravich. Pistol Pete was an amazing player, who revolutionized basketball, and had the best years of his career with both Atlanta and New Orleans (at the time the Jazz were playing in New Orleans). He’s the first superstar of the franchise. Just too bad for him that he didn’t have better teammates.


I picked Darrell Griffith as his back up. The Dr Dunkenstein was one of the best players of the team in the 80’s. He is one of the best dunkers and one of the most spectacular players ever.



The starting PG is obviously John Stockton. Clearly the best Jazz point guard ever, he’s even clearly in the top three best PGs ever. In my opinion second right behind Magic.


As his back up I picked Deron Williams. Leader of the team between his arrival in the league and his departure to New Jersey during this last season, Deron was supposed to be the future of the franchise. He will not be, but this amazing player is still clearly the second best PG this team ever had.


11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I picked Jeff Hornacek and Rickey Green. Jeff Hornacek is one of the best shooters ever and was the third best player of the team during the second part of the 90’s, and these two Finals lost against the Bulls in 97 and 98.


Rickey Green was a very good PG, he was the starting PG of the team in the 80’s before the arrival of Stockton and actually even during the first three years of Stock in Salt Lake. Until Stock became the starter in the 87/88 season and remained the starting PG for the rest of his career.


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