San Antonio Spurs All Time Roster


C. David Robinson

P.F. Tim Duncan

S.F. George Gervin

S.G. Alvin Robertson

P.G. Tony Parker


C. Artis Gilmore

P.F. Larry Kenon

S.F. Sean Elliott

S.G. Manu Ginobili

P.G. Avery Johnson

P.G. James Silas

S.F. Mike Mitchell



At center I picked David Robinson. Easy choice, one of the ten best centers ever and definitely the second best player to ever play in that franchise. David is also one of the five players who scored at least 70 pts in one game (the other four are Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, David Thompson and Kobe Bryant), as a matter of fact he scored 71 points in the last game of the 93/94 season (which allowed him to pass Shaq to become the league’s scoring leader that year), and one of the four players (and most recent) who recorded a quadruple double (the other three are Nate Thurmond, Hakeem Olajuwon and Alvin Robertson). He’s the last player to record a quadruple double.


I picked Artis Gilmore as his back up. At first I thought about picking John Beasley who was the first star of the franchise, at the time they were the Dallas (and Texas one year) Chaparrals, and who led the team to the playoffs for their four first years in a row. He would deserve it but honestly Artis was just a better overall player, even if he started to decrease in his Spurs years, he was not exactly the same player that he was with the Bulls and Colonels (the Kentucky Colonels don’t exist any longer) any more but he was still a dominant force and one of the best centers at the time nonetheless. He formed with Gervin and Mitchell a very exciting big three, they had some very good years together, the best one was certainly the 82/83 season, the first year of Artis in San Antonio, when the Spurs met the Lakers in the WCF for the second time in a row and even if the Lakers won again it was harder for them this time, certainly because of Artis.



I obviously picked Tim Duncan as the starting PF. Clearly the best player the team ever had. Also the only one to ever lead the Spurs to a ring, he actually led them to four. And arguably the best PF of All Time. His performance in the 2003 Finals against the Nets is among the very best performances ever.


I picked Larry Kenon as his back up. At first I wanted to pick Rodman but Dennis didn’t play enough in San Antonio. Larry deserves it more. Special K was the second best player of the team in the late 70’s, and he and the Iceman even led the team to the ECF, against the Bullets, in 79 (they lost in 7 games).



At SF I picked George Gervin. Easy choice there too, clearly the best player of the franchise before the arrivals of Robinson then Duncan. The Iceman could play both SG and SF, and I chose to use him as a SF because the franchise had more talented SGs than SFs. George is one of the very best players of the 70’s/80’s, he led the team to the playoffs every year during his time (except one year) and if he never won any rings he at least led them to the CFs three times.


As his back up I picked Sean Elliott. He was Robinson’s lieutenant in the 90’s and a very important part of the first Spurs team to ever win a ring. Sean Elliott is also especially known for two particular plays, first the Memorial Day Miracle of course, an unbelievable shot that he made at the end of the 1999 WCF game 2 against the Blazers, and a huge dunk in the face of Vlade Divac, against the Lakers, it was a very impressive dunk cause Sean was so high that his head was over the rim.



At SG I hesitated quite a long time between Alvin and Manu. I eventually picked Alvin Robertson because he was overall a better player, especially defensively. As I already mentioned above, he’s one of the four players who recorded a quadruple double. Alvin Robertson is also one of the best defenders ever. He’s even one of the few guards to ever win DPOY. He was also the leader of the team in the second part of the 80’s.


And so I picked Manu Ginobili as his back up. Ginobili was a very important part of three (especially two) of the four Spurs teams who ever win a ring. A pure winner Manu is one of the best international players ever. He’s that kind of player that can make his team all by himself. Has to be mentioned here.



At PG it honestly has to be Tony Parker. The Spurs had some good other PGs like Silas, Moore or Avery Johnson but Parker not only has a better resume than all of them but he is just an overall better player. We all know that Popovich doesn’t like to use rookies well he nonetheless started Parker in his rookie season. Tony was a very important part of the three rings the Spurs had. He even dominated Kidd in the first three games of the 2003 Finals and was Finals MVP of the 2007 ones. He just has to start.


As his back up I picked Avery Johnson. The little general is one of the most underrated players ever in my opinion. To me his leadership was just as important as Duncan’s for the 99 ring. A true PG, great defender, and with a big heart, I honestly doubt that the Spurs would have won that year without him. And let’s not forget that he’s the one who hit the clutch shot that made the Spurs win both the game 5 of the 99 Finals and.. the Finals.


11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I guess that a lot of players could be picked (Cummings, Moore, Rodman, Anderson, etc..) but I eventually decided to pick James Silas and Mike Mitchell. James Silas was the PG of the team in the second part of the 70’s, best player of the team with Kenon and Gervin. A true clutch player, known for his best performances in the late part of the games.


Mike Mitchell was one of the best players of the team in the 80’s, with Gervin and Gilmore. As I already mentioned above, the three players formed togethe a very exciting big three.

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