Philadelphia 76ers All Time Roster


C. Wilt Chamberlain

P.F. Charles Barkley

S.F. Julius Erving

S.G. Hal Greer

P.G. Allen Iverson


C. Moses Malone

P.F. Dolph Schayes

S.F. Bobby Jones

S.G. Doug Collins

P.G. Maurice Cheeks

P.F. Billy Cunningham

S.F. Chet Walker



At center I obviously picked Wilt Chamberlain. He didn’t have his best stats in his Phila years but those were still the best years of his career IMO, as he won his first ring, had three of his four MVPs (he was a Warrior when he had his first one ; he was a Warrior for the first part of the season the year he won his second MVP, but ended the season as a Sixer alright) and was still in his prime contrary to his Lakers days. That is why Wilt is first of all a Sixer in my opinion.


As his back up I picked Moses Malone. Definitely one of the greatest centers ever. A case could even be made for him as the starting center. Moses played in many NBA teams but it’s definitely in Phila that he had his best days (even if it’s in Houston that he had his best stats overall), he won one of his three MVPs here, got his only Finals MVP and won the only ring of his career in Philadelphia.



The starting PF has to be Charles Barkley. One of the very best rebounders ever, he wasn’t nicknamed The Round Mound of Rebound for nothing… Definitely a top 5 Power Forward of All Time. He sadly never managed to lead the Sixers to a ring, but it was quite hard to do better than what he did with that team, as he was kinda a lonely star in his Sixers years.. Sir Charles is still one of the biggest talents that the Sixers franchise ever had.


As his back up I picked Dolph Schayes. The first true star of the franchise (which was called Syracuse Nationals at the time) and one of the first very best players of the big league. He led the franchise to their first ring ever. One day Charles Barkley told Dolph’s son, Danny (who was a basic role player in the 90’s) that no matter what he would never be as good as his father. Dolph definitely has to be mentioned here.



At SF it has of course to be Julius Erving. Definitely, IMO, the best SF ever not named Larry Bird. Dr J was, after players like Baylor and Hawkins, the first one to truly bring the game into the air. A true superstar that influenced many other superstars, like for instance the best basketball player of All Time, Michael Jordan. His dunks and lay ups were just unreal at the time, it’s simple there would just not be a dunk contest without someone like the Doctor. Julius had his best years in the ABA but he still had some amazing years in the NBA, his duels against Bird and the Celtics at the beginning of the 80’s (they played against each other in the ECF for three years in a row !) were just beyond belief. As a Sixer, Julius won one MVP, two All Star MVPs and a ring.


I picked Bobby Jones as his back up. One of the very best defenders ever. And he was a very important part of the 1983 Sixers team, the last one to ever win a ring. Just impossible to make an All Time roster without him.



At SG I picked Hal Greer. One of the very best guards in the history of the game. Hal spent his entire career in Philadelphia. And he was a part of the team that won a ring in 1967. And a very important part as he was even the better scorer of the team in the playoffs run (way ahead of Chamberlain). This Sixers team is also considered as one of the very best of All Time.


As his back up I picked Doug Collins. Before coaching Michael Jordan in Chicago and Washington, and currently coaching the Sixers, Doug was a terrific NBA player, who spent all his career in Philadelphia. It’s just too bad that injuries destroyed his career… Anyhow he never won a ring there, but still had some terrific years with players like Erving, Cunningham, McGinnis or World B. Free. He was even a part of the team that made the Finals and lost to the Bill Walton’s Blazers in 77. And let’s not forget that he should have been the hero of the Olympics Finals in 72, as the US clearly won the game against the USSR after Doug hit his two free throws.. This event has nothing to do with the Sixers but I still HAVE to mention it.



At PG I picked Allen Iverson. Alright Allen is definitely not a real Point Guard. As a matter of fact, despite his size, Iverson’s true position is definitely Shooting Guard. Many people were surprised when Larry Brown decided to make him play at that position for the first time but he was definitely right. Allen is a pure SG. However I chose to pick him as the starting PG in that team, this for a very simple reason, it was just impossible not to put Greer and Iverson in that starting lineup and besides the team never had a true great PG who deserved to start over both players IMO (a case could be made for Cheeks though, but both Greer and Allen are just better honestly). And of the two players Iverson is the one who’s more able to play at the 1 (Greer was a very good passer too though). Anyway just like Charles Barkley, Iverson never managed to get a ring here. Which is just too bad. Cause honestly, if we talk about pure talent only, Iverson is certainly the best player to ever play in that team. An amazing and very exciting player who was among my very favorite for the first part of the last decade. How is it possible not to like Allen Iverson ? How was it possible not to have respect for what he did in 2001 ? A unique season, at the beginning no one would have bet on the Sixers. If someone said that Phila would make the Finals everyone would have laughed at him. Yet they did. Thanks to an amazing season from the little man, again a unique season, definitely the highlights of his career, that year Allen was MVP, All Star MVP and had one of the most amazing leadership experience that a player ever had. He would deserve to be in that All Time roster just for that. Now I know that Allen has been very criticized lately, and I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve it, but it’s important not to forget about all what he brought to the game of basketball and that he’s definitely one of the very best basketball players of All Time. This just cannot be denied.


As his back up I picked Maurice Cheeks. As I said above he’s probably the best true PG that the Sixers ever had. One of the very best defensive PGs ever and was a part of the last Sixers team who won a ring. Definitely has to be mentioned here.


11th & 12th SPOTS :

For the last two spots I picked Billy Cunningham and Chet Walker. Billy Cunningham is one of the best forwards to ever play the games, he was never MVP in the NBA but he was once in the ABA… And was a part of this amazing 67 Sixers team, again one of the best teams ever.


Chet Walker was also a great player, he was also a part of that fantastic team and even one of the very best scorers on that team, with Wilt and Hal. He has actually scored the last two points of the game 6 of the 1967 Finals to seal the deal for the Sixers.


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