Sacramento Kings All Time Roster


C. Jerry Lucas

P.F. Chris Webber

S.F. Jack Twyman

S.G. Oscar Robertson

P.G. Nate «Tiny» Archibald


C. Vlade Divac

P.F. Wayne Embry

S.F. Peja Stojakovic

S.G. Mitch Richmond

P.G. Bob Davies

P.G. Mike Bibby

S.G. Bobby Wanzer



At center I picked Jerry Lucas. He was the second best player of the team during the 60’s. Jerry was rather a PF but he could and played C many times during his career. He and Oscar never won a ring but the Royals were still one of the best teams of the league at the time thanks to them.


I picked Vlade Divac as his back up. Vlade was the starting C of the last good team that the Kings had. It’s definitely with Sac Town that Vlade had the best years of his career, he was even All Star with them. He was the perfect center for them at the time and no doubt that the team wouldn’t have had the same success without him.


At PF it obviously has to be Chris Webber. One of the most talented PFs ever. Chris could do anything on a court, he had great post moves, could shoot the ball from everywhere, was a great passer, great rebounder… Great player. Unfortunately for him injuries kinda wasted his career. It is clearly in Sacramento that Chris had the best years of his career. And his arrival woke up a franchise that hadn’t done anything for 20 years. With C-Webb the Kings didn’t win a ring but at least he got them back to the WCF in 2002, and this Kings-Lakers series was just amazing. Personally it’s even my favorite of the whole 2000’s.


I chose Wayne Embry as his back up. Wayne was the starting center in the 60’s. But he could play PF. Which is why I chose to put him on the bench as PF cause honestly Lucas was definitely a better player than him and has to start in that All Time team. Well anyway Embry has to be in that roster nonetheless. One of the best inside players of the 60’s. This Royals team was a very good one at the time, with Lucas, O, Embry and Twyman. Just too bad for them that they never won a ring.


At SF I picked Jack Twyman. Jack had some amazing seasons with the Royals, definitely one of the best SFs ever. It’s impossible not to mention him in that roster.


As his back up I picked Predrag Stojakovic. And to be honest I almost put him as the starting SF. But I eventually picked Twyman because he had a better resume. It’s arguable though. In his Kings days Peja was an amazing player, he had nothing to do with what he sadly is today… Mainly due to injuries. The biggest achievment of his career will always be the 2003-04 season. As a matter of fact Webber was injured this year and missed almost the entire season. Peja stepped in his shoes and became the leader of the team. And the least we can say is that he did a wonderful job. He had the best season of his career and led the Kings to the fifth best record in the league. An MVP season. Yes there were serious talks about him as the MVP that year but he eventually did not get it.. He would have deserved it nonetheless. Unfortunately for the Kings Webber eventually came back. No I am not joking, because the fact is that Webber did not get back at his best level, and the Kings played so well without him that year that his return just messed up their great chemistry. Divac said that Chris should have had waited the following year to come back. I definitely agree with him, they would have played better and have had a better chance to win a ring without him that year.


At SG I picked Oscar Robertson. Oscar’s main position was PG but he is one of the most versatile players ever. He could be mentioned as a SG or SF without a doubt. And as Tiny has to be in the stating lineup as well I chose to mention Oscar as a SG. One of the best players ever. Arguably a top 10 player ever. And he’s the only player to ever average a triple double on one season. There’s nothing the guy couldn’t do, definitely the best player this franchise ever had.


As his back up I picked Mitch Richmond. Sadly for him he was never surrounded with talent in his Kings days during the 90’s. So he couldn’t achieve anything. Too bad cause he was a hell of a player. One of the best shooters I ever seen. In the 90’s it was worth to watch the Kings only because of their multiple All Stars. Just impossible to make a Kings All Time roster without mentioning his name.



As the starting PG I obviously picked Nate Archibald. Tiny is one of the very best PG to ever play the game, and a personal favorite of his coach at the time : Bob Cousy. Unfortunately for him, like Mitch Richmond, he did not have much help during his Kings days. He was a fantastic player, he’s even the only player to ever lead the league in assists and scoring in one season (well Oscar led the NBA in average score and assists per game but did not win the titles because they were based on totals rather than averages at the time).


I picked Bob Davies as his back up. Bob is the only player to ever lead the team to a ring. It was the Rochester Royals at the time. He is also a mythic player in the sense that he is one of the very first PG of the history of the league, maybe even THE first. He changed the game forever. He is the player who invented the behind-the-basket dribble, which he mastered to perfection.


11th & 12th SPOTS :

As the last two spots I picked Mike Bibby and Bobby Wanzer. Mike Bibby never was All Star but he definitely should have. One of the best PGs of the last decade, Bibby’s arrival literally changed the Knigs. When they had Jason Williams the Kings were one of the most fun team to watch. With Bibby they became one of the very best. Bibby gave to that team all what they needed. Especially something that Chris Webber, as talented as he was, could not give to it : leadership. Chris was the best player of the team but he never was a great leader, contrary to Mike who was born to lead. And one of the best players in the clutch. The Kings would never have become that good without Bibby.


And Bobby Wanzer formed with Davies the best backcourt in the league in the late 40’s, early 50’s. The Royals wouldn’t have won a ring without him.


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